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Pilgrimage towards Creativity.
ArtVentures is a cultural way to explore the world freeing you from your inhibitions enabling to express your inner voice.
Unlock your creativity through traveling.

Our Philosophy

ArtVentures is a unique experience for the adventurous and open-minded traveler.
An immersive journey with the quest of uncovering creative potential, guided by local artists and creators.
Discovering unknown stories embedded in the region, cultivating one’s imagination for the future.


2019 / 04 / 01
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2019 / 04 / 01
ArtVentures has applied its original film to the Visual Tourism Award of the Academy Awards accredited international short film festival “ShortShorts Film Festival & Asia” (SSFF & ASIA).


Where does your imagination take you when you hear the word “Japan”? Would it be “Fuji-yama”? Fat “Sumo” wrestlers? Or maybe Sushi, Hokusai or even Hayao Miyazaki’s films? Japan is a hidden gem in a far far corner of Asia, an island where visitors are guaranteed to be mesmerized by the mixture of the east and the west, cosmopolitan and bucolic, and above all, the kaleidoscopic colors of landscape and nature.
The launching program of Artventures begins at Izumo, a sacred land that had an important role in the creation of Japan.