One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things

Forging Invisible

In fact, Shimane prefecture, where Izumo is situated, has the fewest foreign visitors in Japan. “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller 

ArtVentures is designed to take you on a live action adventure that the location offers, this journey can support a well-defined inner journey towards a more creative view of the world. By this, ArtVentures challenges the current modality of “traveling” and presents a horizon towards unexperienced ways of cultural understanding and appreciation. It is not a mere packaged tour, nor is it a freely planned travel. It offers something in between, a new way of enjoying the destination. 

Through meeting the artists of the destination, one discovers their own creativity which in turn helps cultivating their own imagination for the future. 

The program is limited to last 3 nights and 4 days. Within this time frame, travelers are exposed to the history and the culture through actively engaging the local people and in the making of art and craft. The experience of local food, accommodation and, above all, the creative activities provide the traveler with an invitation to explore an alternative inner harmony.

Shusuke Koto, Blacksmith Atelier Hiromitsu

Forging Invisible takes place in Shimane prefecture, where Izumo is situated, a famous Japanese mythological land that became known through its iron industry. Izumo is known as the land of the Gods, an annual gathering place of the many Gods of Japan, and Hayao Miyazaki anime Princess Mononoke’s source of inspiration. 

The aim of this program is to help rediscover your vision for the future through unlocking your own creativity. One of the highlights of this journey includes a creative experience facing the fires and hammering the cold hard steel while visiting Shusuke Koto, the blacksmith of Atelier Hiromitsu. 

This event together with the experience gained during the trip, will enable attendees to start hearing their inner voices. A memento combined with the art of evocation will empower you to take this “invisible” subconsciously into the future.




Meet at Izumo Enmusubi Airport or the JR Izumoshi Station

Pickup & transfer by Motorcoach


Fieldwork (Inasanohama Beach – Izumo Grand Shrine) 

Hinokami Hot Spring or Yumura Hot Spring 

*If it rains, fieldwork will be conducted at an indoor venue, not at Inasanohama Beach




Lunch: Inasanohama Beach 
Dinner: Hotel


Saginoyusou or other hotel of equivalent class



Fieldwork (Okuizumo Tatara Sword Museum)


Fieldwork (Sugaya Tatara) 





Breakfast: Hotel 
Lunch: a restaurant in Unnan City Dinner: Hotel 


Saginoyusou or other hotel of equivalent class



Workshop (Blacksmith Atelier Hiromitsu)


Art appreciation (Izumo Kagura)




Breakfast: Hotel
Lunch: Blacksmith Atelier Hiromitsu
Dinner: Hotel


Saginoyusou or other hotel 



Art appreciation (Adachi Museum of Art) 

Workshop (Art expression)


Transfer by motorcoach to Izumo Enmusubi Airport or the JR Izumoshi Station







Breakfast: Hotel

ArtVentures「Forging Invisible」

Izumo region, Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Meetup place:11 a.m. at Izumo Airport or JR Izumo-shi Station
Breakup place: 2:30 p.m. at the meetup place 4 days after
You can access to Izumo with the following transportation: 
– Use Shinkansen(bullet train) to Okayama Station then transfer to JR Express Yakumo to Izumo-shi Station
– Domestic flight to Izumo Airport

Program fee: 352,000 JPY (tax included)
*PLEASE NOTE: Transportation fee to/from the meetup place is NOT included.
*Our partner travel agency will arrange the travel from/to a major cities with an extra charge (either train or flight).
*Includes accommodation, food, transportation during the program, activity fee.
*Fee is per adult, no child rates.
*Participants who join the program alone will share a room with one other participant.
*A single room may be available upon request on Day 2 and 3. Extra charge: 54,000 JPY (for 2 days/tax included).

20 years old above healthy adults who speak non-native business level English.

Program host: Art the Globe Inc. (

1. Participants who have dietary needs (e.g. vegetarian, Halal etc.), please let us know in advance.We can prepare foods for vegetarians, yet we would like to understand to what extent you are capable (e.g. dairy product, egg etc.). For Halal, we do not have certification. We try our best to avoid your concerns. 

2. Due to the traditional Japanese style, your accommodation will be shared with other participants (single-gender). 

3. Lastly, this program is not a service, but an “interactive art” to be created together with your proactive attitude, our passion and the countless effort of locals. Please join the program with an open mind and enjoy the harmony and atmosphere as you experience many different cultural moments.

Wholistic art experience to let myself understand that my life is indeed a composite art.




So it is not only about discovering a country or a culture, but also about discovering yourself. The atmosphere allows you to really share with all the members of the group and get very strong links. Highly recommended!





I had lots of fun and excitement in travelling with ArtVentures. I never got such a great and true experience of cultural and religious experience in Japan. It was like I was living in another world for those days of travel. I am really grateful for ArtVentures team for those really beautiful moments and really amazing experience. Looking forward to the next opportunity!





I was touched by their story, how they changed their life to go back to traditional life. It made me also wonder if the life I have now is the one I want to have. It made me question what is important to me, what values I follow and if the life I am living is full of these values.





People seem to be missing a certain connection, the sense of a spirit, and are starting to look for it. The rise of technology marked the beginning of the journey for this deeper connection. A connection that seemed natural and given in the past. ArtVentures crafted its program based on this very essence. Bringing travelers back in contact, with the guidance of artisans and creators from worlds once forgotten.





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